Feathercoin, FTC

feathercoin logoFeathercoin is among the first generation of Litecoin clones. It appeared very quickly on major exchanges, such as Btc-e, because of this.

There has been a steady decline in FTC value vs. BTC ever since it’s addition to that exchange. FTC prices have hit some very low floors lately but in comparison to the now numerous Litecoin clones it still seems overpriced, to me.

To be fair I’ve missed the boat many times before so I suggest you do your own research and make informed decisions before investing in any virtual currency. That is not to say I missed the FTC boat. I got one of the first blocks ever minted. I also bought http://feathercoin.co the night FTC was released. ;) It currently redirects here.


Scrypt Algo
200 Coin reward per block
336 million coins total
Block target is 2.5 minutes
Difficulty changes every 504 blocks
Block reward halves every 840,000 blocks

If you like FTC and LTC a lower cost Litecoin clone with very similar specs is Netcoin.

As with any alt crypto, at this time it is very difficult to buy FTC with USD[if you’re in the United States]. The quickest, safest bet is to buy BTC at Coinbase and to send that BTC to the exchange of your choice.

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