Virtual Currency FAQ

Virtual Currency is also known as Coins, Crypto-Currency & Digital Currency.

Is investing in Virtual Currency risky?

Investing in Virtual Currency does involve more risk than most  other mainstream investments.

Is there a secret strategy?

There is no secret strategy. Conduct thorough research and make informed decisions before investing in any new technology.

Is Virtual Currency money?

Virtual Currency is not “money”[except in California, ref Bill AB 129].

A unit of any virtual currency might be considered a stock in that particular Distributed Autonomous Corporation. These DAC’s do not conduct IPO’s in the usual sense. New units of virtual currency are usually ‘mined’ using CPU’s or GPU’s[central processing unit or graphics processing unit].

Virtual Currency Investment ManagementWho should invest in Virtual Currency?

Only fully informed, accredited investors should include virtual currencies in their portfolio, due to the high risk involved.